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Fun D. Mental uses the highest quality T-shirts to print its MMA themed apparel. The artwork is printed on fashionable, 100% ORGANIC, combed, ringspun cotton which is the highest quality yarn used for printing mixed martial arts T-shirts. Current production lines include the clean and classy Silhouette line, the demonstrative Fundy line and the whimsical Stick Figure line. We even have an eclectic mix of individual Unique Creations.

Silhouette line: Superman Punch, Peruvian Necktie, Flying Knee, Triangle Choke

Fundy line: Triangle Choke, Peruvian Necktie, Front Kick (Teep), Superman Punch

Stick Figure line: Outside Leg Kick, Superman Punch, SSK (Shoot, Sprawl, Knee)

Unique Creations: Juju-jits, Warrior

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